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Vianney Halter is best known for his artistic and unique designs. At the age of fourteen Vianney set his mind on deepening his knowledge of mechanics. He took the train to the capital and enrolled himself at the Ecole Horlogère de Paris (Paris Watchmaking School). Vianney Halter spent the first ten years of his professional career restoring antique horological items. This gave him a broad knowledge about the art of horology. Vianney started his own independant horological development company in 1994, and he produced various timepieces for famous brands such as Harry Winston, Breguet and Audemars Piguet. Vianney’s first model was the Antiqua which he launched at Basel Fair in 1998. In 2013 he unveiled his new creation, the Deep Space Tourbillon,: a futuristic three-axis tourbillon under a crystal dome. In 2023 Vianney launched the “liberty” watch that was exclusively made for Rostovsky Watches.